With a Bachelor’s Degree in environmental studies, I knew a sustainability mission was going to be one of the most significant aspects of Gnarwhal Coffee Community. In an attempt to connect with the mascot that is our (g)narwhal, I thought it made the most sense to donate a portion of our profits to a non-profit doing work in the Arctic since that is the habitat of the (g)narwhal. Of course the Arctic is extremely vulnerable in today’s climate, however, there are actions that can be taken elsewhere to mitigate the horrific damages occurring in the Arctic now. In a culmination of lackluster response to partnership requests and a desire for increased visibility to Gnarwhal’s commitment, I have decided to change the trajectory of our sustainability mission.

From now on, Gnarwhal is partnering with One Tree Planted and committing to plant one tree for every product sold — no if, ands or buts about it. Additionally, to make up for the lost time I have decided to put forth a donation to get us caught up on sales to date and plant trees for every bag we have sold thus far. This means, together, we have already planted over 100 trees! One Tree Planted is an incredible non-profit making global reforestation a more palatable task and you don’t have to be a math wiz to understand! One dollar = one tree and there are no quotas, no minimums… just trees :)

This is a blessing for a small business like ours where every member has to wear multiple hats on any given day, thanks One Tree team! We are not stopping here either! After some research and due diligence, we have found an alternative to our packaging dilemma and will be partnering with Elevate Packaging to bring an entirely compostable packaging for our coffee. This includes the freshness valve, label, and all shipping materials. Here is a link ( to learn a bit more about Elevate and how they are revolutionizing the coffee industry with innovative packaging solutions and consumer education. Great work Elevate team! 

Alas, some updates that will bring a smile to your face and lessen the burden on Mother Earth. Expect our packaging to look a bit different going forward but not to worry, we still guarantee the utmost freshness you have become accustomed to experiencing when you brew a cup of Gnarwhal joe. 

If you have any suggestions, questions or general inquiries I would like to talk to you directly.  Please feel free to call or text my cell and connect with me at +1 (805) 304 9742. Thanks Community, without you we truly are nothing!  


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