It’s the first day of spring and I’m feeling extremely lucky to live in this great state of California.  I woke up this morning and Porto was on fire, overhead sets with make-able sections and the smell of fresh air wafting through the lineup.  As I made my way through the morning it began to lightly rain and I was already pondering what the weather was like on the mountains as I look forward to a weekend of snowboarding with friends.  I pour a cup of light roast and about half way through the cup I get a warm, livening beginning in my core and working its way out in the form of a smile.  That’s when I started to wonder what Southern California was like before the whole Los Angeles Basin was engulfed by people, buildings and endless lines of automobiles.  It’s not like this was the first time I have ever thought about this but for some reason this winter has felt different to me than any other winter I can remember growing up in Southern California.  Having studied Environmental Science at the University of San Diego my mind quickly jumped to the notion of climate change.  Was this winter heavier rain than usual because of climate change?  Are the strange weather patterns we expect to appear finally upon us?  It is very likely this is the case, however, as I speak with my parents and their friends I get overwhelming feedback that this is how California used to be when they were younger.  Wild flower blooms in spring that would leave your jaw dropped, so much water in Yosemite parts of the park were closed to rafting, snow on the Sierras well into summer.  I can’t help but to wonder what I was missing during these years of drought and also marvel at the potential magnitude of the summer months that lie ahead.  In conjunction with a wild winter, are we going to experience a brutally hot summer with record breaking, sustained temperatures?  It’s an uncontrollable situation but these are the thoughts I have on the first day of spring following one of the most epic winters I have experienced in Southern California to date.  For now, I will simply be grateful I get to experience the first day of spring from my home state with a warm cup of coffee in hand and the smell of wild flowers in the air.  It is my hope that anyone reading this is inspired to go out and have their own spring time moment and share it with the Gnarwhal team! 

 In other news, we will be rolling out a much anticipated subscription model where you all will be able to choose one pound of your choice blend (Light, Medium or Dark) and we will also send a “roast of the month” profiling a different specialty coffee from around the world each month.  Sometimes this coffee will be a collaboration with another roaster, a direct trade relationship or just a recommendation from a fellow green coffee enthusiast.  In addition, the cold brew is dangerously close to dropping and we are beyond excited to share what we have been experimenting with and developing!  Thanks for reading and get out there, yew!!!

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