My Dad always used to tell me that my Grandpa’s number 1 piece of advice to him was ‘if you’re going to be a dishwasher, you better be the best damn dishwasher there ever was.’ I genuinely think I had a grasp on what this meant for most of my life. As time has gone on since beginning my professional career I’ve definitely thought more and more about this statement. I have always taken pride in my work, regardless of how seemingly meaningless or minuscule a task may be. However, I never imagined I would literally be washing dishes after graduating school. I’ve never been happier in my life and more often than not I find myself behind a three compartment sink with blazing hot water, tiny cuts on my fingers and a HUGE smile on my face. 

I can vividly remember every time I sat in my cubical and day dreamt of prepping veggies, setting my mise en place, making lattes or simply… washing dishes. Because of Grandpa Monica, I’ll be sure to never take lightly my task of getting the dishes washed properly and as efficiently as humanly possible. What are some minuscule tasks that you’re going to take more seriously at work from now on? 

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