That first sip feeling… what a great moment. I’m not just talking about coffee here, just in general. How amazing is that first sip feeling? A hot summer day and you crack open a fresh cold brew on the beach and take a sip, a brisk fall morning and you have a steaming pot of freshly brewed coffee or maybe it’s a sip of your favorite red wine with a beautifully crafted bowl of pasta and marinara sauce. Each one of those experiences brightens your day and brings a soft smile to your face. As we approach the change in season, I look forward to ‘that first sip feeling’ shifting from my daily cold brew to a sip of warm coffee while checking the waves. For most of my life, I thought of myself as a ‘summer person’ but as I have gotten older I have begun to appreciate Fall more and more. The Fall produce is warming and makes me think about dishes I loved growing up, hoping my Mom would make pumpkin bread, squash and onions, sweet potato hash, apple fritter or just plain fig jam. Wow… I’m starving just envisioning a taste of Fall.

In celebration of this wonderful time of year, we would like all of our friends to enjoy a cup of Gnarwhal coffee with their favorite fall dish so please use promo code FALL2019 and receive 20% off of your next purchase. We know you will FALL in love with our coffee… sorry I had to! Cheers!

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