Brett Barley

Brett Barley

Brett is no stranger to the surf world having grown up in some of the east coast's premier wave generating stretch of coastline. Cape Hatteras is where Brett, his wife Casey and two kids reside and to say Cape Hatteras runs in Brett's blood is an understatement, heck even his street is named Barley Lane! 

On most days you can find Brett surfing if the waves permit but any time the swells go flat, Brett is on the water with his fishing pole trying to haul in dinner. We would akin Brett's style to that of a swiss army knife, he is comfortable in heavy water, kegging barrels, cold weather, tropical weather, power turns, big airs and some occassional behind the back cruising style. From the beginning of our conversations, Brett wanted to ensure the coffee him and his family would be drinking was USDA oragnic and was a big proponent of our environmental mission. 

Brett's Coffee

Brett's preferred roast on the espresso machine is dark but we are slowly making him love lighter roasted coffee. Thus, you can find him with a daily cup of Medium now-a-days! Cheers, Brett!

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